WarZone for Dummies

The demand for a diverse range of close-quarters combat training is expanding. Different groups and instructors specializing in basic military training (NVP in Russian) have become especially active. This industry has been in existence since we were children. We have already had our fun, but younger generations have not. This is why the Academy constantly receives such requests and offers of cooperation. We will now take a look at what we are talking about. The description of issues is based on recommendations from within this discipline, open sources, and my opinion.

High-rise training

Descent/ascent, equipment, gear, etc.

In my experience, I have encountered stationary devices for evacuation from high-rise buildings several times. Let us be honest, not every VIP is ready and/or willing to use these items, especially if they are above the 20th floor. This type of evacuation suggests that the alarm has already been activated, which is a serious flaw in itself. Of course, running down the side of a building head-first and jumping into windows is intriguing but not part of the duties of an executive protection professional.

rise down

In an urban environment a pistol is operational and tactical

The technique of close fire contact, consists of elements that came from practical and defensive shooting.

There has been a great deal of discussion on this subject. Executive protection professionals whose employers are knowledgeable in how to optimize the structure and profitability of their business have advantages. In deciding what preparation is necessary, all forms of training and exercises with mysterious and exotic names will disappear. Reality will show what preparation the bodyguard truly needs. You can train in any style you like, but you need to meet the requirements of the Russian State Combat Standard for qualification.

KM, RS, MMA, and other areas of close combat

Especially from visitors guest performers. This is a worn-out topic. So is the obstacle course. Relevant physical training is a mandatory element in maintaining the functional readiness for the work of a bodyguard. I also remind you that qualification requires knowledge of the techniques of Russian standardized hand-to-hand combat. As the legendary Valery Kharitonov said, you can fight in any style, but you will need to pass the hand-to-hand combat exam!

Storming and clearing a building

The accumulation of skills to act as part of a small groups when conducting active combat in an urban environment.

Colleagues. What type of structure is a bodyguard going to storm? Your office or your plane? With a standard-issue pistol with 16 rounds? In a group with a primary driver?


Combat tactics in an urban environment: defense

Okay, I agree. It is the direct responsibility of an executive protection professional to know the specifics of the permanent residence of the VIP. Anticipating and preparing to repel an attack is also necessary, as is determining evacuation routes. Important questions to consider are who will attack and what are the countermeasures? Serious businessmen often talk to people in suits. Primary weapons are a pen and print.

Tactical medicine.

Organization of medical care for wounded during fight.

Tactics of actions of the medic on the battlefield (in attack and defense).

The first aid skill is already mandatory for Bodyguard Standard qualification. There is no need to carry anyone under fire, there are no such statistics on attempts. Show the bodyguard who has at least a couple of tablets in his pocket of the working suit (I will trim) and a package of bandage?

In a suit with a tactical medical kit on my hip, I ll look like a clown.

The list of offers of specific trainings can continue, but there is no point of much. Everyone understands the peculiarities of doing such business. And the bodyguard caste remains of interest as a potential consumer of such services. And many coaches and instructors look at the skills and work of bodyguards in terms of their subject matter, without regard to the practice of real work.

In the second part of this article, I will consider a proposal for skills that bodyguards could make to representatives of other military specialties.

Thanks for my friend Igor Livits, USA, Ares Protection, Inc