The Academy of the National Association of Bodyguards (NAST) of Russia (founded in 1995) is an association of regional training centers. The main goal: training of bodyguards and personal protection officers for work in modern conditions and in a complex operational situation.

To achieve the goal, time-tested techniques are used. The basis of the methodical approach is laid down the best principles of training bodyguards and succession of generations, laid by officers of the legendary 9th Directorate of the KGB of the USSR.

All Mentors and teachers necessarily have personal experience in the system of personal security. By now, the unique system of courses of the Academy, which has no world analogues, effectively meets modern requirements of professional work both in Russia and abroad. The training of bodyguards is carried out throughout the range of professional skills required in the work alone, or as part of a group.

The Academy uses special training programs for bodyguards and department heads and personal protection groups, and since 2000 organizes and conducts professional audit of bodyguard teams. All modern trends in the field of personal protection are monitored through communication and joint work with foreign colleagues.