What is so different about your course than those out there already. As you have the same criteria as all the others?

- History of the Russian personal protection service

- KGB Close Protection Doctrine. 6 days course.

- Presidential detail training program


The difference between any CP and not only that kind of courses is determined in the student's intention of what Q&Q (quantity and quality) of  information he wishes to get for designated T&M (time and money). 

KGB CP Doctrine course is running by the primary source instructors and tutors.

This courses are run by The NAST Academy, which has 25 years of training experience and in a year of 2017 developed federal (state) CP standard for about 12 000 Russian bodyguards, who expect to get professional state law field.

Basic (background) information contains details of more than 400 years history of Russian CP school. Note, that KGB period is quite short from 1917 to 1982 years. But this period is most effective for basement of existed CP approach and system, which obviously deeply differs from the rest approaches in the world. 

Stalin Vlasik

Generalisimus Stalin with General Vlasik (Executive protection officer).

Note, that in The KGB period of the Russian CP school there was officially 24  state guarded persons who were covered by the sole system.You rarely find the analogue in the world history. 

Every course is unique - information is upgraded from Russian and international real Close Protection state and private practical field experience and from different training and test events organising in frames of developing federal standard procedure.  Method is the same - 2/3 theory and 1/3 practice (depend on course type).

aleks fonarev

Present time.

Having full 25 years of training and test experience worldwide ( participation in six The IBA's world championship events), with all respect to friends and colleagues, we can’t see reasonable "international criteria” for training. In the year of 2008 in Arad Romania there was IBSSA congress where we raised this question in front of professional audience, but questions is still hanging in the air... 


I just want to know why I would want to do this one?

It depends on your intentions. First answer to yourself:

Why you want to spend your valuable T&M especially for bodyguard training?

Are you technique collector, adventure seeker, newcomer or you want to increase your existed pro level ? 

Could you resale knowledge you will get?

Are you ready to travel Russia and face with reality of the largest CP market in the world?

Are you sure, that Russian experience will work in your country, or the other places where you plan to work?

Do you need reliable colleagues worldwide?

What you will do with KGB CP Doctrine diploma?

Does it all worth it from your own point of view?

If you got 50 %  of positive answers you can send us you letter of intention of course passing.