The entire history of the Russian experience in state personal protection service began more than five centuries ago.

Tsar’s era

The first documents on the security division of Tsar Alexey Romanoff  (father of Peter The Great – first Russian Emperor) appeared in 1649. State decree includes certain articles, which describe particulars of life and dignity protection of the Russian tsar, as well as protection and secure of his royal family, residence and also foreign diplomats.

Emperor’s era

Next important milestone in history of the state security appeared in a year of 1828. This year was established “His Emperor Majesty's Convoy”. Regular military unit, which carried certain tasks of “full time & place” close protection for Emperor person and his family.

imperator crimea

In 1836, a brand new position appeared in Convoy staff list - the Cossack Chambers. Speaking a professional language by function, it was a personal security officer (very close to modern PSO abbreviation). The first appointment was given to the Cossack-Linz Podsvirov.

In 1906, was created Emperor’s Garage - the prototype of the legendary Soviet GON (Garage of special purpose, which exists up to now and is part of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation).

Emperors system (but not experience) was ruined by all Russia revolution in a year of 1917.

Soviet era

On December 20, 1917, the All-Russian Extraordinary Commission (Cheka) was established in Saint Petersburg, as a special unit engaged in the protection of the young Soviet state leader – Vladimir Lenin. There were only 12 close protection officers took their experience “on the fly”.

In 1921, a special school for the training of officers was created. The training lasted 1 year.

Stalin protection officer
A special strengthening of the protection of the country's leaders occurs before the outbreak of the war of 1941-1945. The protection of Stalin is prevented by a series of attempts. On the fields of war, bodyguards are escorted by a number of important Generals and Marshals.
In 1943, the strengthened security unit escorted Stalin to Tehran for an international conference. Intelligence prevents an attempt that fascist saboteurs prepared for the heads of state of the USSR, the USA and Britain.
In 1954, the 9th Directorate of the KGB of the USSR was created, which deals with the protection of statesmen, places of residence, events, foreign delegations. According to legend, number 9 corresponds to the number of officers guarding Stalin.

Gagarin first cosmonaut of the planet
Officers 9 of the Office not only traveled abroad, but also guarded Gagarin (the first cosmonaut of the planet), secret scientists, the Olympic flame in Moscow in 1980. Young teachers were always given their experience by Mentors, experienced officers.
In 1961, during the visit of Nikita Khrushchev to Austria, someone threw the object in his direction. Officer of personal protection Mikhail Soldatov covered his own body. My son will not be ashamed of me, the officer managed to think. This moment once again confirmed the reputation of the Russian school of protection as the best in the world.

soviet bodyguards
Two years later, the 4th President was killed in the United States. For example, the US Secret Service has been guarding Presidents since 1902.
In 1968, the 9th KGB Directorate formed a subdivision of underwater swimmers, to protect the country's leaders at sea or in the lake. His employees several times rescued their protected persons during incidents on the water.

soviet security divers
It is a little known fact that the leader of Afghanistan, Babrak Karmal, was guarded by KGB officers. And in 1988, an attempt was made in Moscow to assassinate US President Ronald Reagan. Also in 1990, security officers stopped the attempt to assassinate General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev.


Time-tested security management system, special attention to detail, personal responsibility of security officers. The key and most important elements of the Russian school of protection.

Modern times and NAST Russia

The National bodyguard association of Russia was established in Moscow on December 20th 1995 by retired KGB 9th Directorate iKremlin-9i - today's FSO - (Presidential security service) officers. For more than 23 years The NAST has been the sole professional bodyguard organization, which is working to establish and control a Personal Protection professional approach in Russia.

stol 1997sm
Headed by The NAST Russia President Dmitry N. Fonareff, retired KGB 9th Directorate HQ senior officer, the association united 15 regional offices from Kaliningrad (Baltic Sea) to Vladivostok (Pacific ocean).
The basis of the association is Mentors who have at least 10 years of experience in the civil service and qualified bodyguards who have passed special courses and passed exams.

abrau cqb
Executive protection is a term applied to individual or group of individuals visiting Russia as Company Executives with certain agenda supported by their Russian partners/affiliates/representatives/body guards.
Personal protection is a term applied to individuals who are traveling in Russia with private, business or tourist purposes. Without bodyguard or security staff.
For 23 years of its public activities, NAST Russia held more than 20 professional conferences.
18 professional audits of personal protection groups, beginning in 2000. Groups show their skills in solving problems in real time.

This year, the efforts of NAST Russia will adopt the state standard of professional bodyguards. Each guard who wants to be called a bodyguard will take the qualification examinations and receive a state registration number. Such a system of qualification and accounting is the only one in the world.

To accomplish this goal NAST Russia operates through its own units: Academy for training and training bodyguards, club "bodyguards" gray shadow" (as a market instrument), informational - analytical center of modern psychophysical techniques. And Conference meets annually, professional test shooting marathon "TOP 9 ."


Our training proposal:

- KGB Close Protection Doctrine. 6 days course. Training cours for PSO/EPO.

- Presidential detail training program. For Government and Official.

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