KGB Close Protection Doctrine.

6 days introductory/training course.

This course will give attendees unique profile information based on oldest professional traditions of the USSR KGB 9th Department – so called Russian CP Doctrine, and modern Russians private bodyguards practical experience according to state (federal) training and private security market standards.

Day 1.

Introductory lecture by KGB 9th Department HQ senior officer, NAST Russia President Dmitry N. Fonareff
Introduction to the role and responsibilities of the Executive Protection Detail and KGB Close Protection Doctrine system (35 basic tasks, strategy, logistic). Close Protection / CP detail teamwork.
15 Bodyguard skills as market commodity.



Day 2. Executive protection strategy.

CP Strategy – elements, planning, preparation. International market particulars and sober reality.
Documentary, post comprehension. Risk analysis.
Key point of course – The Post (place where bodyguards carries out his duties) principles. Basic EP team Formations – tasks and obligations.
CP agent CQB principles and duties .
Introduction to use of weapons (if it is allowed in the state of origin).
Test shooting. - Practice (preparing for "TOP-9" standard exercise) - shooting range.

Day 3. Threat & Risk Assessment

Executive Protection Technology. Observation and counter observation, suspicious relationship.
CP group structure, interaction and duties.
Arches of responsibility, tasks for each member of the team.
L&P The NAST Academy CQB standard approach (armed and unarmed attack repulse and actions) - introductory class. Reaction against attacks in real situations. Unmotivated aggression. Antiterrorist measurements on practical job.
Market strategy, prices and payments, particulars and features.

Day 4.

IED/ESD search / sweep.
Goal, tasks, planning, preparation, security measures, action in case of emergency, final protocol.
Foreign objects. Poisons, radiation, fire counter measures.
L&P (car and room) individual and team actions drills. Analysis.
Protective Driving
VIP Protective team formation and practical actions during car escort. Real time training.
L&P Car track – speed driving, steering technique, turns and test drive.  
Theory and practice of skidding correction and control techniques.

Day 5. Surveillance and counter surveillance.

Surveillance Awareness for CP officers / bodyguards
VIP pedestrian escort. Routes – planning and preparation. Purpose of reconnaissance.
Embussing /debussing, action in ambush.
EP Group and Personal Tactic and Technique.
Practical exercises in different situations.
Executive protection real-time.
You’re dignitary VIP visit. Virtual but real time practice.
Advanced work, host logistic, security interaction, arrival, transfer and routes surveillance, departure, and business details.


Day 6. Paramedicine day.

Para medicine bodyguard training. Basic ABC & trauma management routine.
Automated External Defibrillator
Emergency ambulance routine.
The NAST Academy Para medicine standards
World EP schools and networks: practical job, experience, conceptions, differences and particulars.

On demand - Day 7.

Examinations and Awards event.
Individual and group tests:
Embussing /debussing, action in ambush.
Personal CQB skills
IED/ESD sweep/ search.
Basic ABC & trauma management routine.
CP professional cooperation basis.
Finalizing (question and answers).
Diploma delivery.

N.B. Course days is a subject to be discussed.  

Course cost  - EURO 1500 Airport transfers are included.

Location: Zelenograd, Moscow district, 25 km. from the city, 10 km. from Sheremetjevo International airport.
Recommended accommodation (not included):
“Andreevka Hotel” ***
 Poselok Andreevka 3b, 141551 Andreyevka, Moscow region (Zelenograd)
“Record” Hotel  Bed & Breakfast ***
 Panfilovsky Prospekt 1634, 124365 Zelenograd, Russia
2 bad room / day is about 50 usd.
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