Our traditions of Close Protection.

It’s already half the success when the project is of keen interest. When people ask questions, it allows the project to start a life of its own. And it means that the key points should be noted.

Russian Personal Protection School. What is it?

This is a NAST Russia project aimed at maintaining the best traditions of domestic bodyguards, restoring and preserving the historical heritage of our ancestors and Mentors. In a tough information field, we consider it necessary to show and tell the new generation of bodyguards the origins of the knowledge and skills they use. The Russian school is the oldest in the world. Its reliability and achieved international authority still require our common support, the common efforts of those who consider themselves the heirs of this glorious history.

Yes. The Russian School of Personal Protection is a socio-historical propaganda project aimed at Russia and abroad.

Yes. The Russian school of Personal Protection is an ideological basis, which is sometimes lacking in modern close protection personnel. It’s impossible to reach the heights of skill working only for money, from time to time. Historical memory, solid principles and support of the Mentors will allow someone who really deserves it to become a real professional.

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No. The Russian school of close protection is not a commercial organization. This is not a financial structure at all. This is Memory. And this is our Russian brand. The same as Russian ballet, Russian literature, and the first flight into space.

No. This is not a tight-knit bodyguard training program. This is not a school in the physical sense, with desks, shooting range or training ground. This is the School as a system of knowledge transfer.

For our part, we call on all stakeholders and organizations to join in the development and promotion of this historic idea. In new times, old traditions are quickly forgotten, deliberately destroyed, or replaced with completely alien, not typical for us methods and techniques.

Within the framework of the project, work is being carried out on the visualization of images of historical characters that are directly related to the creation and functioning of the Russian school of personal protection.

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