KGB executive protection Doctrine.

More than 20 years the Academy conducts courses for bodyguards. The best skills and knowledge are used by "the Russian school of bodyguard" of which more than 360 years. We use knowledge which is checked by time the best officers of KGB.

soldatov sm1

Mentor Alexander Soldatov, ex-KGB personal security officer.

The basis of the association is Mentors who have at least 10 years of experience in the civil service and qualified bodyguards who have passed special courses and passed exams. Only Mentors can impart knowledge to the listener of a course.

sergeev sm

Mentor Igor Sergeev, ex-KGB personal security officer.

The basic course uses the scheme of 70% of the theory and 30% of a practical training.
Many experts and courses understand work of the bodyguard too simply. Also stake on use of weapon. From here creation of the term of a "tactical" gun, knife and holster.
Stay in a zone of war does not turn the soldier into the bodyguard.

escort 05 18

Real practice "pedestrian escort" on the Moscow streets.

With development of the Internet the understanding of ensuring personal security seems to much simple. Only "information" and pictures.
And the science of "personal protection" comes back in the 70th years. Then also 6 skills were enough for the bodyguard.

Modern technologies do not make our work easier. On the contrary, everything only becomes complicated. For this reason only experience of former generations is base for improvement of modern personal experience.

KGB doctrine 6 days course.

Presidential detail program.